[Záhradná rezidencia] Robert B. Lisek: APEIRON

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The performance and installation explores the next step in human evolution, the emergence of human post-technological consciousness. The project explores the intersection of AI, human cognition, and artistic expression. Created as a ritual initiation, the performance takes you into a trance state of hyperreality, a parallel world evoked and shaped by artificial intelligence and the biodynamics of the performers. The spectators are newcomers finding their way with the performers as spectral guides, oscillating between the real and the imagined, the material and the simulated.

The rapid proliferation of artificial intelligence (AI) in our daily lives has sparked concerns about the erosion of individual freedom in an AI-mediated world. My research aims to investigate the process of loss of freedom in this context, with a particular focus on the interplay between privacy, agency, and trust. The sheer scale of data collection and analysis has far-reaching implications, enabling predictive control and surveillance that transcends traditional monitoring functions. It is essential to expose these surveillance processes and empower users to respond to them effectively.

Robert B. Lisek is an artist, mathematician, and composer who explores the intersections of systems, networks, and processes—computational, biological, and social. His art delves into themes such as artificial intelligence, bioengineering, information theory, and quantum physics, incorporating elements like computer code, algorithms, artificial neural networks, and genetic sequences to investigate randomness and order. Lisek is a pioneer in art based on machine learning and artificial intelligence, prompting critical reflection on AI’s implications for privacy, agency, trust, creativity, and culture. Additionally, he is a composer of contemporary music, authoring numerous projects and scores at the intersection of spectral, stochastic, concrete music, and noise. His contributions include over 300 exhibitions and concerts, among them:

“GOLEM” at ZKM Karlsruhe; “SIBYL” at IRCAM Center Pompidou and MAXXI Museum

Rome; “APEIRON“ at Ars Electronica Linz; “QUANTUM ENIGMA” at Harvestworks Center New

York and STEIM Amsterdam; “TERROR ENGINES” at WORM Center Rotterdam; “DEMONS” at

the Venice Biennale (accompanying events); “NEST” at ARCO Art Fair, Madrid; “FLOAT” at the

Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, NYC; and “WWAI” at Siggraph, Los Angeles.








Rezidenčný program Záhrady CNK v roku 2024 z verejných zdrojov podporil Fond na podporu umenia.


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