At the horizon of no return (Na horizonte bez návratu) / work in progress

Banská Bystrica

Work in progress uvedenie našej novej pripravovanej premiéry pod taktovkou maďarského choreografa Lászla Fulopa.

In every term, we face all the time the eternal contradiction of keeping ourselves as constant and stable as possible, otherwise, we’d lose the main chore of why at all we can talk about the self itself, but in nature, it seems that the only constant is the transformation itself and we’re each moment staring at a horizon of no return. Would you respond to this call or this pull by joining in its inevitable flow or would you try to stand still on that thin edge and just watch from outside how your reality drifts further and further away? And if the second one, wouldn’t see that change you anyway? At the end of the day, what is consciousness? A powerful tool to overcome the limits and laws of our sensible universe or just a random side effect? Is free choice real or just an illusion produced accidentally through the evolution of mankind? Are we doomed or blessed by the capacity of ego? Do our dreams feed on our future or our destiny?



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